You use the arrow keys to ride a stolen police bike and try to avoid cops and truckers and the occasional hotrod enthusiast in this endless driving type game.

This game doesn't explicitly nor implicitly star the cartoon character known (affectionately) as 'Spyhatter'. It is a testbed for features that will come in an upcoming major game.


I'm planning a major title game for the Spyhatter noir franchise, which I will release upon compiling, later this morning (this posted as of midnight/1AM Wednesday morning, Eastern Daylight Savings Time). It will have a web-based demo (maybe a few free levels) and a PC version that you'll be able to buy for $4.99 or something like that.


This game is an endless- type of game. It doesn't have a win/loss criteria set. Enjoy!

Thanks for playing!

...and remember:

This conversation never happened, capisce?

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